Electromagnetic Frequency Healing with Light and Sound

What It Means to Be a Being of Light

Mentored by Lawrence Kennedy, Ph.D.
Written by Sandra Sitzmann, M.S., L.M.T.
All Rights Reserved, 2002

Light and Sound are the primary electromagnetic frequency carriers for our existence and health. Significance is given to the Biblical story of Creation when stating that “first was the Word, then the Light.” Light grew out of Sound, and became a polarity parner (the positive charge tot eh negative) in helping to electromagnetically manifest existence on a physical level. Primal Life! Electromagnetic energy is created through the continual cycling of energy, as tonal waves and scalar waves of Sound Vibration and Light Radiation. Working as a harmonious team, they are perpetually in motion, creating a “perpetual motor” that produces electromagnetic energy.

You Are Light and Sound

You are composed of these electromagnetic invisible spiraling waves of Sound and Light. When your bodily engine is functioning optimally, you are healthy. Sometimes your electromagnetic engine can run down, which is when illness can take charge. These states can be seen when photographing the aura with Kirlian Electro-Photography.

Frequency Waves

Frequency waves have different shapes and lengths. These waves are shaped as a wavy form above and below a line (called sine waves), sawtooth or square waves. The length of a wave, or wavelength, is the distance through which sound travels. Sound waves vary in length, ranging from short to long. The length of a wave can determine whether it is beneficial or harmful to your body.

The electromagnetic frequency spectrum operates from a low to high frequency range, depending on the length of the wave. Long-slow oscillating waves, such as radio and micro waves, are considered extremely low frequency (ELF), and can be damaging to your body's electromagnetic circuitry. Falling into this detrimental category are micro-wave ovens, TVs and power lines.

Healing Waves

Shorter waves oscillate fast and emanate a high frequency wave, which is usually considered beneficially healing to your body. Examples of this include Soft Lasers, Rife equipment, Zapper + Light mini frequency generators and Multiple Wave Oscillator machines. Soft lasers correspond to the length of the wave and are measured as nanometers, or nm. The 635nm range, emanating a bright orange-red hue, is optimal for laser operation.

The Visible Spectrum

The visible rays of the light spectrum also produce waves (and particles), which positively assist you by bathing your electromagnetic body with multiple variations of color, to nurture your magnetic auric field. A deficit of such color light creates a light deprivation called SADS. Simu-Lasers are color light emitting examples of color enhancement to beneficially rebalance the chakras or manifested disharmony. Sound governs electricity as well as water, which is especially effective as a highly charged energized clustered “elixir water.”

Refraction, Reflection, and Rainbows of Light

Sound manifests itself in other ways. Reflection occurs when a sound wave strikes another object and is not absorbed, but is bounced back (mirror images). Refraction is an example of what happens when a sound wave passes from one media to another of different density and changes it sound wave form. When light refracts through tiny water droplets, a rainbow of colors can be seen. The different colors are the same light, but different wave lengths. Red on one end of the spectrum is considered a long wave length, while violet seen at the other end of the spectrum is a short wave length.

Musical Sounds and Colors

When musical notes are played, you hear sound waves that are associated with color wavelength. Each note with its corresponding color gives a sound vibration for your enjoyment. According to Edgar Cayce, “The violin here. We see...the entity gets the color rather than what is ordinarily called the tonal vibration, see? Though, of course, the tonal vibration is what which produces color. For, of course, color and tone are just different rates of vibration.” (EC 2156-1;2)

Colors Possess Force

The properties of light in regards to musical notes and their corresponding color from the visible light spectrum are either thermal, chemical, or luminous. Blues effect chemical reactions (chemism) with little or no heat, reds possess differing degrees of heat (thermism) with little or no chemical effects and yellows are neutral between these two extremes and responsible for luminosity.

Why Use Light and Sound

Why do you, as a Being of Light and Sound, need refueling? There is a growing increase as well as reoccurrence of disease in the 20th century. Depletion of nutritious mineralized foods, chemical and electromagnetic pollution (ELF) has created a “now” generation that functions sub-optimally, existing with little to no energy from weakened systems (immune, digestive). These can cause further complications, such as arthritis, chronic fatigue, and depression. Light and Sound in its many variations is soothing to Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Refueling with Light and Sound

This may lead you to the next question: How do you as a Being of Light and Sound refuel your engine? Meditations is a common approach. Sunlight in moderation is an excellent source for receiving the full spectrum of color light. There are numerous electromagnetic frequency devices and therapies that can help you regain balance through Light and Sound for Healing.

“...Vibration (frequencies of light, sound, and color) is, in its simple essence or word, raising the Christ Consciousness in self to such an extent as it may flow out of self to him thou would direct it to. As, “Silver and gold I have none, but such as I have give I unto thee: In the Name of Jesus Christ, stand up and walk!” (Acts 3:6) That is an illustration of vibration that heals, manifested in a material world. What flowed out of Peter or John? That as received by knowing self in its entirety, body, mind, and soul, is one with that Creative Energy that is LIFE itself!” Edgar Cayce (281-7)

Lawrence Kennedy, Ph.D., and Sandra Sitzmann, M.S., L.M.T., are on the national lecture circuit as lecturers, and are specialists in using Sound, Light and Color as complimentary energy tools and therapies. Dr. Kennedy is recognized as a parapsychologist and researcher, with appearances on Art Bell radio and TV documentaries. Sitzmann is well-respected as a massage therapist, teacher, and health consultant. Kennedy and Sitzmann are currently facilitating “Journeys of Life,” an ongoing educational TV program from Missoula, Montana. They are available for consultations, services and speaking engagements. Look for them in booth #500 at Body, Mind, Spirit Expo, Spokane, June 1 and 2.

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